Anne Macdonald

Partner & Head of Business Development, Harper Macleod LLP, Officer, IBA Law Firm Management Committee Business Development & Marketing Subcommittee

About this speaker

Anne is a Partner and Head of Business Development at Harper Macleod LLP in Scotland. Anne is also the Lead Partner for the HM Connect legal and support referral network. HM Connect operates via Harper Macleod offering its full complement of legal services and expertise to high street & rural law firms on a fee-sharing, non-client poaching basis. HM Connect has over 380 member firms located across the length and breadth of Scotland. Anne set up HM Connect in 2008 and has since developed HM Connect into Scotland's leading referral network, with over 33% of all legal firms in Scotland.

Anne's role within Harper Macleod is to ensure strong working knowledge of the Scottish & global legal market and in particular high street and rural firms. Most recently Anne was a guest speaker at Law Society of Scotland Practice Management Course speaking on the topic of duties of a partner.


Leveraging & Connecting via Law Firms Networks

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