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Web and Marketing Consultant, Larry Bodine Law Firm Marketing

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Journalist Larry Bodine is a former practicing attorney who edits and publishes news reports about the law for several leading websites, including:

The National Trial Lawyers – daily updates about personal injury verdicts, settlements, marketing and trial practice: – the only directory of personal injury attorneys, updated with news and blog posts every day about verdicts, settlements and new cases. Law Practice Advisor – daily updates about technology, management and marketing for consumer law firms: also writes under his own name about current legal events for several plaintiff law firms.

Larry is a Supervising Attorney in the Legal Journalism Externship program of The Entrepreneurial Practice Portal. It is sponsored by The Cochran Firm, PC, Jacoby & Meyers, LLC, Chavez Law Group and The National Trial Lawyers legal association at Charlotte School of Law and Arizona Summit Law School: Larry is followed by 23,000 people on Twitter, 1,800 people on Google+, and participates in dozens of LinkedIn groups.

He writes for websites like the Huffington Post, the LexisNexis Business of Law Blog, state bar association websites and LawFuel. He is also the Marketing Director of, a service that writes draft blog posts for lawyers, written by US Lawyers. The team drafted law firm blog posts for Martindale-Hubbell, and LexisNexis

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