Mirjami Sipponen-Damonte

Managing Director, Xpedio, Former Board Member, the International Association of Facilitators [IAF]

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Mirjami is the founder and Managing Director of Xpedio. She has been working with facilitation and organizational development for the last 15 years across Europe – based in Italy and Finland.

Mirjami holds the highest level of international facilitation certification: Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF) | Master. This certification is a demonstration of a decade of experience in professional facilitation and contribution given to advance the field of facilitation. She has also served as a Member of Global Board at The International Association of Facilitators, as well as Regional Director for Europe & Middle East. In 2016 she was awarded with Gold Facilitation Impact Award, as recognition of excellent facilitation with positive impact.

Mirjami is also a Certified Facilitator and an experienced Trainer of the LEGO® Serious Play® method. She has developed LEGO® Serious Play® facilitation concepts for strategy workshops, customer centricity and conference keynotes.

Mirjami is devoted to develop the awareness and skills of facilitation. Due to her background as communication skills trainer, as well as Victim Offender Mediator, she has a particular focus on group dynamics, intra-group communication, dealing with conflict and building psychological safety within group.

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