Heidi Gardner

Accelerating Productivity and Inclusion Through Smart Collaboration

A Talk by Heidi Gardner (Distinguished Fellow, Harvard Law School’s Center on the Legal Profession)

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About this Talk

By now, most law firm leaders have gotten the message: they can better meet—and exceed—their clients’ expectations when their partners collaborate across organizational silos to provide more holistic, tailored, joined-up advice.

Clients demand that their external counsel not only to help solve strictly legal problems, but also add value by delivering holistic and contextualised solutions to the wider business problems.

Ideally, outside lawyers will anticipate clients’ potential problems, and use their perspectives from across client matters to proactively surface issues and lead the client toward solutions.

This type of superior client requires teams of lawyers to integrate their expertise across disciplines and geographic divides. We call it ‘Smart Collaboration'.

Our research, consistent with other scholarship in related areas, shows that firms engaging in Smart Collaboration are far better at attracting, engaging and retaining top talent.

The major question on the table: how to implement a strategy of Smart Collaboration. A strategy only works if it is put into practice. This and more in this practical session with Heidi.

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Implementing a Smart Collaboration Strategy, Part 1: Building the Case for Change


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Heidi Gardner

Heidi Gardner

Distinguished Fellow, Harvard Law School’s Center on the Legal Profession