Katherine Hutchinson

Be a Better Communicator – Practical Steps for Internal Communication With BD Team

A Talk by Katherine Hutchinson (International Business Development Manager, Bennett Jones)

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About this Talk

Whether you are an aspiring legal leader or in a support role, developing your communication skills can impact your success.

The legal landscape is more competitive than ever, and retaining the brightest and best has never been trickier. Smart law firm leaders recognise the importance of properly informing and activating their best resource: their people.

Like doctors don't name nurse - 'a non-doctor' and a pilots don't name stewardesses 'non-pilots', it is time to stop using the term “non-lawyer” to refer to everyone who works in legal service who do not have a law degree.

This may seem like a minor issue to some, but it is not.

In fact, it reflects an outlook that impedes the ability of our profession to make the changes we need to make.

In this session with Katherine let’s take a look at the complexities of communication between lawyers and business development and marketing professionals and practical steps to improve it.

We are all in this together.

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Katherine Hutchinson

Katherine Hutchinson

International Business Development Manager, Bennett Jones