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Creative Collaboration

A Talk by Jeremy Cohen and Damian Taylor

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About this Talk

I truly believe that the best lawyers are creatives.

The job of the lawyer is to resolve the client’s issues by innovation. To transform the present problem into a future solution.

Now - did you ever try sitting a room by yourself hoping that ideas will pop into your head? If you said yes, don’t worry, we all have. The truth is blunt, your best ideas are rarely original.

The majority of good ideas come from inspiration. Meaning, something is the spark behind a good idea and with no doubt collaboration can spark creativity.

Now of all times is a good time for us to be talking about creativity in BD and client relationships as, with Covid, so many of us are working from home and you cannot just go and see people either one-on-one or in conferences or anything like that.

Join us for this session with Jeremy and Damian to discover how the largest law firm in the world implementing creative ideas in their practice.

About The Speakers

Jeremy Cohen

Jeremy Cohen

CEO UKME, Dentons

Damian Taylor

Damian Taylor

Marketing & BD Director UK & ME, Dentons