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Discover the Unknown - the Power of Facilitation

A Talk by Vinay Kumar , Mirjami Sipponen-Damonte , Annika Varjonen and Malin Morén

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About this Talk

First - you probably asking Why this session?

If you want it or not - Lawyers facilitate. Whether they facilitate meetings, others in conflict, or groups problem-solving together, lawyers need to understand and practice facilitation skills to be effective in their many roles.

In addition, lawyers work in team and group settings with greater frequency in ever-more complex, global, and connected professional contexts.

To ensure these teams work together effectively and purposively, lawyers often need to use facilitative skills.

This session aim to share with us the Power of Facilitation.

Vinay, Mirjami & Malin believe facilitation unlocks endless possibilities. It transforms the way organisations, teams and people interact. It is the understanding that the answer is in the room. It is at the heart of everything we do as lawyers.

By combining theory and practice, this panel aims to answer 3 questions: - What is facilitation? - Why is it important for legal professionals, & the benefits? - How can we use facilitation? Examples!

So many insights in such a powerful session. Join us!

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About The Speakers

Vinay Kumar

Vinay Kumar

Global Chair, International Association of Facilitators [IAF]

Mirjami Sipponen-Damonte

Mirjami Sipponen-Damonte

Managing Director, Xpedio, Former Board Member, the International Association of Facilitators [IAF]

Annika Varjonen

Annika Varjonen

Strategy visualiser & Graphic facilitator, Visual Impact

Malin Morén

Malin Morén

Founder and senior consultant, Facil Profundo