Fernando Pelaez-Pier

Do Lawyers Need to Change Their Mindset to Collaborate?

A Talk by Fernando Pelaez-Pier (CEO, FPelaezConsulting, IBA Honorary Life Members of Council and Association)

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About this Talk

Collaboration is increasingly essential in today‟s law firms. The complex, international and integrative nature of legal work requires professionals to combine their specialized expertise in order to successfully serve the most attractive clients.

So are lawyers a uniquely collaboration-phobic breed? Or is it that too often, the tools and processes that might enable more effective teamwork simply aren’t there?

In this session with Fernando we want to take a closer look at the barriers to collaboration within the legal business development — and at how attitudes and practices are changing.

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Fernando Pelaez-Pier

Fernando Pelaez-Pier

CEO, FPelaezConsulting, IBA Honorary Life Members of Council and Association

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