Susan Raridon Lambreth

Driving Client Service and Improved Profitability Through Legal Project Management

A Talk by Susan Raridon Lambreth (Founder/Principal, LawVision LLC & LPM Institute)

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About this Talk

Managing a legal project is not an easy task. Not for in-house counsel or for outside counsel. There are simply too many ways for a project can fail and turn into a disaster.

Over the past decade or so, “Legal Project Management” has grown into an accepted and in-demand way to manage legal work.

Project management focuses on developing the skills to proactively scope, plan, budget, execute, evaluate, and communicate about a given undertaking. But what about Legal Project management - how is can be beneficial for lawyers? For in house counsel? How do you structured it right? And many more questions.

Find the answers and more practical insights and suggestions in this session with Susan.

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Susan Raridon Lambreth

Susan Raridon Lambreth

Founder/Principal, LawVision LLC & LPM Institute