William Henderson

From One-To-One Consultative Services to One-To-Many Legal Products and Solutions

A Talk by William Henderson (Law Professor, Indiana University, Founder & Editor, Legal Evolution)

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About this Talk

Many people start their company with a fantastic product that customers want and are willing to pay for. And as their business continues to grow, well-meaning people begin telling them that they need to find ways of scaling their business operations and growing their business even further.

Scale is important because it enables us to achieve higher quantity and quality - measured by speed, outcome, user experience, etc.) while also driving down total per-unit cost.

Simply stated, scale is how most wealth is created, from agriculture to medicine to transportation to housing to consumer electronics. But Now comes law.

And the question we all need to ask is - Can we construct a better legal talent supply chain that could be scaled to benefit clients, law firms, legal employers, law schools, and young people trying to launch a successful career in law?

Join us to this powerful & insightful session with Bill.

About The Speakers

William Henderson

William Henderson

Law Professor, Indiana University, Founder & Editor, Legal Evolution