David Kaufman

Is Global Still Possible: Cross-Border Business Development in the #Newnormal

A Talk by David Kaufman (Director of Global Strategies, Nixon Peabody LLP)

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About this Talk

As leaders wrestle to guide their organisations through the Covid-19 pandemic, decisions running the gamut from where to sell to how to manage supply chains hinge on expectations about the future of globalisation.

The pandemic has prompted a new wave of globalisation obituaries, but the latest data and forecasts imply that leaders should plan for — and shape — a world where both globalisation and anti-globalisation pressures remain enduring features of the business environment.

But how deep will the plunge really be? How fast can we expect global flows to rebound? And how might future flow patterns look different from the past? And of course how this will affect the BD of law firms globally?

This and more in this eye opening session with David.

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David Kaufman

David Kaufman

Director of Global Strategies, Nixon Peabody LLP