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Legal Business - an Authentic Approach

A Talk by Kelly M. MacKinnon and Itzik Amiel

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About this Talk

It is about time to admit it - that law firms are first and foremost businesses.

It means that knowing how law firms make a profit is crucial – but that is just the starting point. You must understand who a firm’s clients are and what services they use the firm for, which in turn means knowing what type of firm it is and how it is structured.

Despite the upheaval created by the coronavirus pandemic, now is not the time to retreat from business development activities.

The key is adjusting your approach to fit the current circumstances. Focusing on authentic activities that will demonstrate compassion and value to your clients will position you for stability and growth as we emerge from this global crisis.

Authentic lawyers inspire and prosper. A bold statement – but one that is very hard to argue with.

So with the benefits (and the necessity) of authenticity in mind – how can you demonstrate it convincingly in order to grow your legal practice?

In this session with Kelly we want explore this authentic approach for business development and growing your practice.

About The Speakers

Kelly M. MacKinnon

Kelly M. MacKinnon

Director of Business Development, Fried Frank, President-Elect, LMA

Itzik Amiel

Itzik Amiel

Founder & CEO, THE SWITCH™️ | Bestselling author, Chair, IBA Law Firm Management Committee Business Development & Marketing Subcommittee