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Legal Design - for Lawyers and Humans

A Talk by Anna Posthumus Meyjes and Stephen Revell

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About this Talk

Legal design is a new discipline that combines legal expertise, information design and design thinking.

Lawyers new to legal design are introduced to a user-oriented approach with new working methods and visual communication. Spoiler alert: legal services must innovate. They need to be more accessible, less expensive, multidisciplinary, more efficient and agile if they are to keep pace with the market’s changing needs.

The creative and solution-oriented approach of legal design offers possibilities for aligning the legal services with the current needs of clients.

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Legal design #1 - Information Design


About The Speakers

Anna Posthumus Meyjes

Anna Posthumus Meyjes

Founder, Aclara Legal Design

Stephen Revell

Stephen Revell

Senior Partner, Freshfields, Secretary-Treasurer, IBA Law Firm Management Committee