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Leveraging & Connecting via Law Firms Networks

A Talk by Anne Macdonald , Terri Gavulic and Timothy Wilson

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About this Talk

Law firm networks have been growing steadily since 1980 when the first network, was formed. Today, the 20 largest legal networks comprise 250,000 attorneys from many jurisdictions globally.

Law firms join legal networks for many reasons, as we will learn in this session - but from a business development perspective one critical question we want to answer: is membership in a law firm network a worthy investment?

In other words, how can a firm best benefit from its investment in a law firm network? And as you will see - Many law firm network leaders - as our panelists - ask the question in reverse: how can a network deliver the greatest value to its member firms?

In a challenging economic climate, it's always sensible to review business development investments, particularly those with uncertain ROI.

By combining a lot of experience & practice, the discussion of the panel will be divided in 2 parts. Part 1 will discuss Leveraging and connecting through network membership - from the perspective of the network; the member firm and the individual member.

Part 2 will discuss Key questions depending on where you are in the continuum of network membership - thinking of joining; already a member; or left a network. And at the end - each of our panelists promised to leave each one of you with specific action steps.

About The Speakers

Anne Macdonald

Anne Macdonald

Partner & Head of Business Development, Harper Macleod LLP, Officer, IBA Law Firm Management Committee Business Development & Marketing Subcommittee

Terri Gavulic

Terri Gavulic

Chief Business Officer, TerraLex

Timothy Wilson

Timothy Wilson

Chief Executive, MSI Global Alliance