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Stay Curious… And Get Ready To Be Surprised ;)

In this special musical moment for the Summit, Sonic Octane will share the passion, path from business intelligence to playing in international band.

Sonic Octane is an original rock band based in Longmont, Colorado. We have a catalog of commercial hits and provide musical composition, performance and production services. Occasionally the universe opens at just the right time bringing a unique set of circumstances, uniting exceptional talent. Welcome to the birth of Sonic Octane. We have years of music passion in our blood.

​Currently Sonic Octane is in the final stages of radio promotions and marketing planning of our debut release. Anticipate future updates as we will continue to add details of our journey.

Sonic Octane is a solid live performing entity, whose accomplishments include musical performances, radio performances and film production work. The band has performed in New York and Denver over thirty engagements traveling 10,000 miles by bus, plane and vehicles. We welcome exploring live performance opportunities with you ahead.

Our music and videos have been well received by many of the world’s top former record executives. This includes Sony’s Rick Dobbis (President Sony Music International), Atlantic Records’ Lou Plaia (VP Marketing and Strategic Planning), and most recently Dream Records’ Lance Brown (General Manager). Research by Music Research Consultants in Los Angeles indicates high favorability on buying our music and wanting to hear it on radio with survey respondents!

Our band’s Tour Bus “Sally” is a premiere Prevost built in Quebec, Canada, formerly owned by world renowned environmentalist Julia Butterfly Hill. While we are working on developing a TV mini-series documentary, “Sally” will be featured on the Donna Drake Show, a nationally syndicated TV show based in New York. We welcome exploring VIP Tour opportunities to support our Live Show Bookings with you ahead.

Sonic Octane has appeared on the Donna Drake TV show, reaching 66 million U.S households on CBS, NBC, Fox, the CW, SBTV and Footprint TV. This show delivers hope, motivation and inspiration to our communities weekly.

We hope you will enjoy getting to know our band, music and videos as much as we have enjoyed bringing these forward!

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