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The Essence of Collaboration and Networking for In-House Counsel

A talk by Hans Albers
President Europe, Association of Corporate Counsel [ACC]

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About this talk

The role of the in-house legal is rapidly evolving to keep pace with the changing needs of the businesses that they support.

As an in-house attorney, it’s easy to become all-consumed by the daily challenges of your job and persuade yourself that networking and collaborating with others - internally and externally - is unnecessary.

Unlike law firm attorneys whose careers depend on the development and cultivation of a client base, in-house legal counsels often only focus on building their personal brand within their company. This is a mistake.

We see the in-house role changing from being that of risk spotters and general advisors to becoming strategic partners and business enablers. However, this shift in focus comes with new needs.

An in-house legal team needs to ensure that its members have the necessary skills - and more specifically networking and collaboration skills - to manage the transition from being the sole source of legal services to a position where they are managing an eco-system of legal services providers.

Get more insights on building relationships with legal counsels in this insightful and candid session with Hans.

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The essence of collaboration and networking for in-house counsel - Graphic Illustration

The conversation was captured in real time into a free-format cartoon, amplified with observations and humorous provocation [Graphic Illustrator: Annika Varjonen].

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