Caroline Berube

The Magic of Collaboration in Law Firms

A Talk by Caroline Berube (IBA LPD Council Member, Managing Partner, HJM Asia Law & Co LLC)

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About this Talk

Collaboration is more important than ever in the legal industry.

As law firms rethink their business models and evaluate how to deliver more value to clients in 2020, some major trends will impact how firms facilitate collaboration among their lawyers and legal teams.

The one thing that has become abundantly clear is that for lawyers and firms to be successful, they will have to learn to collaborate effectively and efficiently.

In this session with Caroline we want to discuss a number of suggestions for how to invest in collaboration, how to overcome various barriers, and the business case for it in general and Asia in particular.

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Caroline Berube

Caroline Berube

IBA LPD Council Member, Managing Partner, HJM Asia Law & Co LLC

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