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Why a Systematic Approach to Managing Knowledge Is More Relevant Than AI?

A Talk by Aku Sorainen and Itzik Amiel

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About this Talk

What does it mean to manage knowledge? How can firms capture the collective wisdom of their talented attorneys and put it at the fingertips of their entire team – and to the benefit of clients?

Knowledge management is fundamentally about enabling a law firm to leverage its collective experience. It’s a means to preserve and enhance a firm’s ability to act as a law firm, as opposed to a collection of individual lawyers.

That means the ability to access and reuse everything from past work products to the firm’s knowledge and experience. It involves process improvement, technology and collaboration. Do law firms really need a KM program?

Aku will share with us his insights, suggestions and practical tools for knowledge management for successful business development.

About The Speakers

Aku Sorainen

Aku Sorainen

Founder & Senior Partner, Sorainen

Itzik Amiel

Itzik Amiel

Founder & CEO, THE SWITCH™️ | Bestselling author, Chair, IBA Law Firm Management Committee Business Development & Marketing Subcommittee